This is the story of Rosebud’s healing, and the process from super major surgery she had.  But we must go farther back than the resent surgery.

Earlier in Rosebud’s life she was hit by a car.  She sustained injuries in her left eye.  She was blinded in that eye and the eye formed a milky like film over it.  At one time Rosebud’s eyes was a beautiful amber brown color.  The other eye didn’t get hurt so the brightness of the beauty of her eye color showed up.  Years later in 2016, Rosebud had to have her left  eye surgically removed as she had a tumor that the doctors thought had cancer.  After examining the tumor it had no cancer.  The surgeon then removed the eye lid part of the outer eye lid, to surgically close the vacant socket of the eye hole that the eye sat in.  This healed very well and Rosebud was healthy and took on life like normal. 

Months later in March 2017 Rosebud had tumors appear in her legs, and all over the abdominal area of her body.  The pictures will show the incisions of the surgeries that occurred on Rosebud’s chest, tummy, and also the hysterectomy she had on top of all of the other problems.  This is when I received a phone call from my friend Cindy that her dog had major surgery and asked me to give Rosebud Reiki Healing.  I did give the dog healing and I also used crystals as the crystals amp up the healing process along with the Reiki.  The pictures following will show the degree of the shocking surgery that Rosebud endured.   It may be a bit or a lot shocking because the pictures are vivid of how major the surgery was.

As I started the treatment with the crystal and using Reiki I had Rosebud lie down and I checked how bad of a shape she was.  Her front leg had a tumor and surgery on that.  Then I checked the rest.  O my God she was bad.  I could feel the pain she must have had.  I told Cindy she needs pain pills.  The dog was like telepathically speaking to me.  I then started placing crystals were they were needed.       I then started to use some deeper healing and removing any kind of pain that Rosebud might be feeling.  I placed crystals as I felt were she needed the extra work.    Sparky my dog was sensing that something was going on as he kept checking on what I was doing.                  I checked Rosebud’s chakras to see if they was balanced from her head to her tail.    When I was done checking the chakras.  I ended sealing up Rosebuds aura.        

The last two pictures is how Rosebud looked after the treatment.  She was out of pain and went to sleep for a while.  Her wounds healed rapidly and when she saw the veterinarian he was so impressed how fast she healed.

The moral of this healing story is that there is hope in healing.   When you love a pet you want the best for them.  This can be just loving your pet to health, and sometimes just listening to your intuition on what is going on with your pet.

I so enjoyed seeing the healing of Rosebud.  She is an inspiration to all that all things are possible if we just have faith and believe.

May you be blessed,

Diana Davis