Healing Crystals

What is Crystal Reiki? 

Crystals that are used with the energy of Reiki to promote healing.

We first need to understand what crystals are and what is the molecular ingredients that are in them that the Universe created.  The science of the crystal is that they took a long time to grow in the crust of Mama Earth.  They are from the quartz family and the structure of the crystal are a continues growth and framework of Si02 Silicon.  This means that the crystal’s structure is oxygen tetrahedral and silicon that are shared together, that is the overall chemical formula of Sio2.

Quartz Crystals grow in a hexagonal formation.  They start from the matrix of a stone or from another crystal and grow either in a point formation and getting an elongated formation or they may grow in a conglomerate formation like a Rose Quarts does frequently.  The shape of hexagonal quartz

  Image result for picture of a hexagonal shaped quartz crystal

 Quartz Crystal on a matrix and crystals shape is Hexagonal

File:Rose quartz (2).jpg

Rose Quartz with out the point, conglomerate formation

Quartz Crystal come in many colors

The colors of quartz are Clear, yellow that is also called Citrine, green that is called Aventurine, purple that is called Amethyst, pink that is called Rose Quartz, purple with yellow is called a Ametarine, clear with smoky browns or grays is called Smoky Quartz.  There are many other kinds of quartz that are mix with other rocks and formations.  Some of the stones are: Tourmaline Quartz, this is a quartz that has tourmaline growing in the crystal itself.  There is also Rutilated Quartz, that has clear quartz with fine hair like fibers growing throughout the inside of the stone.  These colors can be gold, brown or dark colors.   There are also many other stones that have quartz in them such as Agates, Chalcedony, Carnelian, Chrysoprase, and many others.

Quartz Crystal are the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s Continental Crust other than the feldspar family.  Now that is a lot of crystal this beautiful planet has.  So there are thousands of different types of crystals.



Diana doing a Reiki Crystal healing session

Crystal healing therapy involves placing crystals, gem stones, and rocks on a person, animal or a plant to promote healing.  Crystals have an electrical energy that resonates with the human body and helps to restore the imbalance of the chakras, and promote healing balance.  The Chakras are the energy vortexes of the human body.  When the Chakras are out of balance, diseases starts to occur and eventually it will manifest as a body sickness when it is not caught early to stop the process of the disease.

When Reiki is used with the crystals the two energies resonates together and doubles in the power of the energies being used.  This creates a tremendous healing experience for the person that is receiving this healing.

Crystal Reiki is a holistic and safe healing method that is being used in the alternative medical field and there is many documented reports of the fantastic healing done by this way of healing.

If you want to experience this healing, give up the fear and just give it a try.  This is a safe and wonderful experience to have.


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  1. Thanks Diana for the blog. It’s amazing how we forget this information, and need reminders. To all friends and family Diana is an amazingly awesome Reiki master. The Crystal Reiki is a powerful healing for mind, and body.

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