Butterfly receiving healing energies.
Dog receiving Crystal healing

Reiki is an energy that is everywhere on Earth, and also in the Universe.  Just think about the energy….God the creator created everything for a reason.  What that is? is a mystery to all of us but as we learn about life on this planet Earth, we are learning to tap into one of the major mysteries of the Universe.  That mystery is the life force energy that keeps the living animals, organisms, and all life alive. 

As we have learned in the past posts, is that Reiki have been around the planet a very long time.  Reiki is simply energy that is channeled through a person, through the chakras and down through the hand chakras to the animal or another living thing.

Reiki is a living force that comes through and goes to were the healing needs to work.

Animals of all kinds, and living creatures that are very small to the very extreme large creatures.  Think about that.  Something hah?  When I think of a small animal, I think of a little tiny Mouse.  Gee when they are born they look like a white worm.  Then when I think of a large animal, I think of a full grown Whale.  Yes Whales are a mammal.  Yes mammals are animals.  They have warm blood.  Then think of another animal like an Elephant.  Now that is a big, big animal.

Then there are the Birds that are the fowl family of Bird life.  They are creatures that fly in the air and live in trees and bushes.  Well, maybe there are birds that live with the humans or the two legged that talk and move around in cars and live in houses.  Those birds live in cages  and in a captivity that is quite different from the wild birds.

There are the Reptiles that have skin with scales.  Their blood is cold and most craw on the ground, or they can walk on legs.  There are lizards of all sizes, snakes that craw on the ground, but some live in water and can live in trees.

Then there are bugs, worms, and Caterpillars that change into beautiful, colorful Butterflies.

Then there are the fish of all kinds that live in the water, the oceans, and sea.  They are boney and cold blooded.  They live in water and breath in the water.  If they are out of water they suffocate and die.  Yes just opposite of the animal.  To give fish Reiki is putting the hand in the water and letting the fish swim around the hand.

Now that you have a good idea about the different life forms of creatures.  Now you will learn that these creatures are alive and moving around and yes they have energy.  Were does that energy come from?  The life force, energy field of the Earth.  When the animals and all the creatures get sick or lack energy, they can be helped with the energy of Reiki.

Remember that Reiki is a living energy that flows through and around things.  When a Reiki energy worker gives Reiki to an animal or other living creatures they will gently touch the animal, or they will hold the hand away from the creature as to not get bitten.

With Crystals energies along with the Reiki energies is a double whammy of healing for the animal, and also for humans.

When the Crystals are introduced to animals and other creatures, the stones have to be gently brought, and introduce to the animal.  I always let them smell and lick the rocks.  Then I slowly pet them with the crystals.  What happens is the energies of the Crystals, rocks, and stones is that they help balance the chakras of the animal.  When the chakras are balanced then the healing modality begins and the Animal, Bird, Fish or Reptile will start to fell better and livelier.

So in conclusion of Crystals and healing Animals,  there is help for wellness and safe cures of your pets that you love.

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Diana Davis